Hydrogen Energy Development

1.Upstream: hydrogen production


All the core components and structures of the new generation hydrogen production system developed by China Merchant Xia Kah Green Hydrogen adopt new design, new technology and precise processing. The company has the R&D and production capacity of 2Nm3/h - 3000Nm3/h series of hydrogen production equipment, with different configurations according to the customer's needs, which can be applied in hydrogen production at hydrogen refueling stations, offshore hydrogen production and the integration of hydrogen production and hydrogen refueling in ships.



2.Midstream: hydrogen storage, transportation and refilling


China Merchant Green Hydrogen conducts hydrogen compressor skidding, and jointly establishes a joint venture with partners such as Yihe and Light Course Internet of Things to carry out EPC business of hydrogen refueling stations. At the same time, we have technical cooperation with PDC, the leader in hydrogen compressor industry. Through resource sharing, we will establish market advantages in compressor product skidding and hydrogen refueling station EPC business, target the domestic hydrogen refueling station market, and promote the landing of hydrogen refueling scenarios in road networks, port terminals and logistics and freight stations.



3.Downstream: Applications


China Merchant Green Hydrogen and Shenzhen Intelligent Hydrogen to jointly build a new business model combining hydrogen vehicle operation and leasing. Through the open platform of hydrogen heavy truck operation and leasing, the company will leverage social capital in the form of light asset operation to rent and build, revitalize the emission reduction and decarbonization effect of hydrogen heavy trucks and city guard vehicles, and at the same time drive the hydrogen production and hydrogen refueling business to achieve upstream, midstream and downstream synergy.