Determined to Transform, CM Energy Launched New Logo and Stock Ticker
Publish Date:2023-07-10

On July 7, 2023, CM Energy (0206.HK) announced that the name change of the company has been officially approved by the Registrar of Companies of the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Chinese name of the company has been changed from “华商国际海洋能源科技控股有限公司” to “华商能源科技股份有限公司” and English name has been changed from “CMIC Ocean En-Tech Holding Co., Ltd.” to “CM Energy Tech Co., Ltd.”. The stock will be traded on HKEX under the new English ticker "CM-ENERGY" and Chinese ticker "华商能源" with effect from 9:00 a.m. on 14 July 2023. The stock code remains unchanged.

On the same day, the company's new official website ( and logo were launched.

The new logo takes the three letters of "CME" as the core, the letter "E" focuses on energy, showing the strategic idea of CM Energy's deep commitment to green energy, and the center of the logo is creatively presented through clever deconstruction and reshaping of letters. The letter "H" means hydrogen energy, showing that under the wave of new energy change, CM Energy continues to innovate and explore the best energy solutions, injecting new momentum for the industry transformation and upgrading. In addition, the new LOGO takes Aqua Blue as the brand image color, symbolizing the company's deep marine cultural heritage; the golden letters indicate that the company is in a golden track fulling of golden hope; and a distinctive green in the middle shows the company's strategic direction of green energy. The new logo fully conveys the marine culture and energy gene of CM Energy, as well as the unchanging intention of constantly exploring energy innovation solutions and the firm determination of CM Energy to transform into green energy.

The official name change and the launch of the new logo are tributes to the past glory of CM Energy brand and a prospect for a bright future of green energy. In the future, with this new branding, CM Energy will continue to build on the past, grasp the opportunity of the rapid development of global new energy, actively promote the high-quality development of new energy business, and strive to become a world-leading green energy technology company.