Forward with "The Third Ventures" , CM ENERGY Launches Series of Activities on Company Day of China Merchants Group
Publish Date:2023-10-10

On October 9, China Merchants Group ushered in the 20th company day with the theme of "'Forward with The Third Ventures", aiming at realizing the historical responsibility of "seeking new achievements" with the determination and courage of "The Third Venture” and to gather efforts for CMG explore business opportunities in the new journey of the new era. CM Energy (0206.HK) carried out various activities on Company Day, including flag-raising ceremony, CMG corporate culture learning sessions, singing the Song of CMG, hiking, sports competitions, etc., to actively learn and promote CMG corporate culture, and work together towards a new voyage.

Nantong , Jiangsu

Huashang Tianshi Offshore Tech, subsidiary of CM Energy, participated the Flag Raising Ceremony and Company Day Activity Launching Ceremony in China Merchants Industrial Haimen. With bright five-star red flag fluttered in the solemn and loud national anthem and Song of CMG, the flag of CMG was slowly raised in the crowd's attention. 

Xi’an, Shanxi

HHCT held a celebratory walk around the ancient city wall of Xi'an with the theme of Forward with the Third Venture, which allowed each employee to feel the heaviness and shock of history, inspired the staff to forge ahead and work hard, and further strengthened the cohesion of the team.

Qingdao, Shandong

Qingdao Tianshi OE organized the staff to carry out the theme activity of Forward with the Third Venture to learn the corporate culture and historical achievements of CMG, learn to sing the Song of CMG, and carry out the creed of China Merchants Group in the new era, and to congratulate the 20th China Merchants Group Company Day.

Qingdao, Shandong

Qingdao Tianshi QD organized the staff to carry out the activity of "Understanding the development history of China Merchants Group and learning the corporate culture". At the activity, everyone studied and understood the development history of China Merchants Group and had a further deep understanding of the corporate culture of China Merchants Group.

Zhengzhou, Henan

Zhengzhou Tianshi OE held a series of thematic activities to celebrate the 20th Company Day of China Merchants Group in 2023, calling on the staff to "face the new future" and take a group photo together. In the activities of the party branch, all the members of the party renewed their oath of joining the party together.


CM Energy Singapore office organized a series of company day activities, including the sharing of CMG corporate culture, which effectively strengthened employees' sense of teamwork and corporate cohesion.

In addition, the headquarters of CM Energy participated in the Company Day activities together with China Merchants Industry Group as planned.

This series of thematic activities further enhanced the sense of belonging and centripetal force of the staff, cohesion of enterprise development synergy, inheritance and development of the "China Merchants bloodline, Hailiao spirit, Shekou gene", with the patriotic spirit of sincerity and patriotism, the innovative spirit of pioneering and enterprising, the spirit of self-improvement, anchored in the goal of building a world-class enterprise, and with the courageous determination of "The Third Venture", to create new successes and build a dream for the future.