New Orders! CM Energy Signs Sales Contracts for Two Shipsets of WindWings®
Publish Date:2024-06-19

Recently, EMER International Limited, a subsidiary of CM Energy, has entered into two sales contracts with Union Maritime Limited (UML), a leading tanker owner and operator, and Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd(New Yangzi Shipbuilding) for the supply of four BAR Technologies WindWings® in total for two LR2 tankers. The two shipsets of Wind Assisted Propulsion System are scheduled to be delivered by CM Energy in the second and third quarters of 2025, respectively.

Following the sales contracts for the supply of three WindWings® with UML in March this year, the signing of these two new contracts signify that wind sail products made by CM Energy have been recognized once again.

As the green and low-carbon transformation of the international shipping industry becomes increasingly in-depth, the demand for the use of wind assisted propulsion technology in the shipping industry has become more prominent, and wind assisted propulsion has been rejuvenated with new vitality. WindWings® is equipped with an intelligent system that automatically adjusts the angle of the WindWings to maximize the use of existing wind power, effectively reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, with average savings of 1.5 tonnes of fuel and 4.7 tonnes of CO2 per wing per day on typical global routes. Alongside the significant environmental benefits, the use of wind power and subsequent fuel savings will also bring considerable economic benefits. 

Based on the newly signed contracts, CM Energy will continue to provide customers with the highest standard of WindWings® with a professional level of expertise and extensive experience,to accelerate the realization of carbon reduction goals for ship companies and help reduce the operating costs of vessels, offering satisfying economic value.