Energy Equipment Division

Jack-up Rig Solutions

Through a seamless turnkey approach, TSC builds complete jack-up rigs and provides a complete cantilever and drill floor package which includes the cantilever and drill floor structure, drilling equipment, cranes, solids control system, power package, rig control and drive package, BOP stack and handling and pipe handling system.

TSC’s dedication to utilizing leading-edge technology in its equipment, creates a high product performance and unparalleled advantages. TSC distinguishes itself from other companies with its reliable and flexible product line. The world’s 1st and 2nd JU-2000 jack-up rigs were equipped with CMIC equipment. Moreover, TSC's jack-up drilling package received the world's 1st ABS-CDS dual certification (2012 edition). TSC’s commitment to product excellence, project management and after-sales services has allowed the company to maintain strong relationships with big and small oil companies, as well as shipyards world-wide.

TSC provides highly efficient, flexible services, and cost-competitive solutions to clients through combining experienced engineers, innovative technology, and best practices.